Charles S. Mott Senior High School Class of 1983
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Charles S. Mott Senior High School Class of 1983 - Classmates

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Number of classmates: 516
Abdalla, Rajai (Missing)
Abraham, Michael (Unlisted)
Adam, Leslie (Unlisted)
Adamkiewicz, Aaron (*) Email Address
Adriaens, Patricia Email Address
Ahmed, Mirza (Unlisted)
Alexander, Carol (Unlisted)
Alexander, Carol  FB Email Address
Allan, John (Missing)
Arbanas, Karl Email Address
Arnaki, May (Missing)
Arnot, Elizabeth (Unlisted)
Avolio, Jennette  FB (Unlisted)
Bachorski, Ronald (*) (Unlisted)
Baker, Michael (Missing)
Baker, Pamela Email Address
Baker, Pamela FB Email Address (Missing)
Bardouche, Keith (*) (Unlisted)
Barnych, Christine Email Address
Bartlett, Michele Email Address
Beahn, Robert (Unlisted)
Beaulieu, Deborah (*) (Unlisted)
Bell, Robert Email Address
Beltowski, Richard (Unlisted)
Benefield, Steven H. FB View Biography & Photo Phone Numbers Email Address Personal Website Business Website
Bennet, Eric (Missing)
Berg, Kathleen FB (Unlisted)
Berkseth, Cynthia Email Address
Berry, Joseph (Missing)
Bertrand, Charlene (Unlisted)
Berus, Kathleen FB (Unlisted)
Bilczewski, John Email Address
Bilicki, Jackie View Biography (Unlisted)
Bishop, Diane (Unlisted)
Bleavins, Maria FB Phone Numbers Email Address Facebook Profile
Bobincheck, Karen FB Email Address
Boczar, David (Unlisted)
Bollini, Anthony (Unlisted)
Bolton, Terence FB (Unlisted)
Bonacorsi, Steven  FB Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Bordeaux, Beverly (Unlisted)
Borowski, Diana Email Address
Borowski, Raymond FB Email Address
Boslooper, Jill Phone Numbers Email Address (Deceased)
Bott, Michael (Missing)
Boucher, Penny FB (Unlisted)
Bousquette, Annette (*) (Unlisted)
Bowden, Patricia (Missing)
Bowles, Cheryl FB (Unlisted)
Bowsher, Amy FB (Unlisted)
Bracht, David Email Address
Brady, Mark (Unlisted)
Brandenburg, Roy Email Address
Brandt, Robert (Unlisted)
Breen, Suzanne FB (Unlisted)
Brideau, Gidgette FB (Unlisted)
Briggs , Diane (*) FB (Unlisted)
Bright, Robert (*) Email Address
Brinker, Rodney (Unlisted)
Brock, Harold (Unlisted)
Brooks, Dennis (Missing)
Brown, Christopher (Unlisted)
Brown, Lisa FB (Unlisted)
Brumm, Rodney FB Email Address
Bruzdewicz, Jim Email Address
Buchanan FB, Sandy (Missing)
Buchanun, Brian (Unlisted)
Bufford, Lisa (Missing)
Burch, Steven (Missing)
Burns, Lonny FB (Unlisted)
Bushor, Bonnie (Missing)
Buss, Michael (Missing)
Byrd, Steve FB Email Address
Byrne, Kathleen (Unlisted)
Cadotte, Linda (Unlisted)
Carie, Jeff View Biography Email Address
Cariera, Edward (Unlisted)
Carrion, Janine (Missing)
Casmere, Lori (Unlisted)
Catullo, Jeffery FB (Unlisted)
Cech, Kim (*) (Unlisted)
Chaffin, Barry FB (Unlisted)
Checki, Betty FB (Unlisted)
Chiasson, Karen (Unlisted)
Chmielarczyk, Jean FB Email Address
Chmielarczyk, Mary FB (Unlisted)
Chryczk, Joseph (Unlisted)
Chupailo, Kathleen FB Email Address
Ciavattone, Alan (Unlisted)
Cieplechowicz, Lisa (Unlisted)
Clinch, James (Unlisted)
Coakley, Deann (Unlisted)
Colfer, Kevin (*) FB View Biography Phone Numbers
Contrera, Jeanette FB (Unlisted)
Cook, Zoann FB Email Address
Copeland, Loriann FB Email Address
Cornell, William (Unlisted)
Cosens, Mark FB Email Address
Costello, Tracie (Unlisted)
Cox, Elizabeth (Unlisted)
Crawford, Pamela (Unlisted)
Culbertson, Marcia FB Email Address
Curti, Anthony (Unlisted)
Custer, Julie (Missing)
Czarniak, William (Unlisted)
David, Ronald (Missing)
Dimambro, Mary FB (Unlisted)
DiMercurio, Alex FB Email Address
Disesare, Shelley FB Email Address
Doba, Susan FB Email Address
Dobroczynski, Elizabeth (Missing)
Dodge, Joseph Email Address (Deceased)
Dostie, Elizabeth (Unlisted)
Douglas, Coleen (Missing)
Draucker, Katherine (*) FB (Unlisted)
Drope, Lorna Phone Numbers Email Address Business Website
Duch, James (Unlisted)
Duda, David (Unlisted)
Dudick, Ronald (Unlisted)
Duke, Harold (Unlisted)
Duke, Harold (Tony) View Biography Email Address
Durand, Brian (Unlisted)
Dutkiewicz, Karen FB View Biography Mailing Address Email Address Personal Website
Edwards, Karen (*)  FB (Unlisted)
Egnatoski, Jeffrey (Unlisted)
Ellis, Karen (Missing)
Eppich, Janel FB Phone Numbers Email Address
Erfourrth, Sandra FB Email Address
Essad, Ann (Missing)
Everson, Linda Email Address
failing, kevin (Unlisted)
Farley, Jeffrey (Missing)
Farrelly, Steven (Unlisted)
Fattore, Robert (Missing)
Fecteau, Vincent FB (*2013) Email Address
Fedoronko, Lori Email Address
Filion, Paul (Unlisted)
Fisher, Marchelle Email Address
Fitzgerald, Karen (Unlisted)
Flamm, Jacquelyn  FB (Unlisted)
Flatt, Michael FB (Unlisted)
Fleck, Julie (Unlisted)
Fontana, Colleen Mailing Address Email Address
Fortin, James (Deceased)
Fox, Patrick (Missing)
Frank, Kenneth (Missing)
Frauce, Kelly (*) (Deceased)
Froehlich, Peggy FB Email Address
Gaastra, Kristine (Missing)
Gabrean, Charles (Unlisted)
Gemmete, Joseph FB Email Address
Gennero, Joseph FB Email Address
Gidner, Kenneth (Unlisted)
Giesey, Nadine (Unlisted)
Gingrich, Velmari FB Email Address
Giordano, Mary FB View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address
Glass, Michael (Unlisted)
Gomez-Mesquita, Arnold (*) FB (Unlisted)
Gordon, Leslie (*) FB View Biography Email Address
Gorski, Steve (*) Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address (Deceased)
Gortat, Michael (Unlisted)
Graham, Brian (Unlisted)
Granata, Robert (*) FB View Biography Email Address
Gratopp, Susan (Unlisted)
Gray, Hugh (Unlisted)
Grenier, Bonnie View Biography Email Address
Griesbeck, Carolyn (Missing)
Grogis, Ronald (Unlisted)
Grosta, Robert (Missing)
Grundei, Laura Email Address
Grzanka, Denise (Unlisted)
Grzywacz, John (Unlisted)
Gumowski, Mark (Unlisted)
Guzak, Steven (*) (Unlisted)
Hadel, Daniel (*) (Unlisted)
Hagood, David (*) FB (Unlisted)
Hakkarinen, Mark (*) (Unlisted)
Hampel, Marsha (*) (Unlisted)
Hanson, Terri  (*) (Missing)
Harrie, Kimberley (*) (Unlisted)
Harrison, Matt (*) Email Address
Hartfelder, Christine (*) (Unlisted)
Haynes, Shael (Unlisted)
Haynes, Shael (*) FB Email Address
Hello, Mike (Missing)
Hertel, Brian (Unlisted)
Hickey, Regina (Missing)
Hinson, Walter (*) (Unlisted)
Hishok, Karen (*) Email Address Facebook Profile
Holdwick, Steven (*) FB Email Address
Holdwick, Susan (*) (Unlisted)
Hopkins, Sandy (*) View Biography Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Hough, Stephen (*) Email Address
Howard, William (*) (Unlisted)
Howell, Kevin (*) Phone Numbers
Hughes, Richard (Missing)
Iannuzzi, Marybeth (Unlisted)
Imby, Beth (*) FB Email Address
Impastato, Craig (*) (Unlisted)
Ivin, Jana (*) Email Address
Jabra, Marlene (*) (Missing)
Jackson, Brian Email Address
Jackson, Bruce Email Address
Jackson, Maryann (Unlisted)
Jakubowski, Julie FB View Biography & Photo Email Address
Jankowski, Deborah (Unlisted)
Jennings, Jeff (Missing)
Jernukian, Raymond FB (Unlisted)
Johnson, Susan (Unlisted)
Jordan, Donna (*) Email Address (Deceased)
Jump, Michele (Unlisted)
Jurewicz, Janice (*) FB View Biography Email Address
Kaczmark, Joseph Email Address
Kaifesh, Darryl (*) (Unlisted)
Karpinski, Dave (*) (Unlisted)
Katsaros, Gregory (Unlisted)
Kechechian, David (*) (Missing)
Keen, Timothy (*) (Unlisted)
Keller, Dawn (*) FB (Unlisted)
Kenes, John (*) (Unlisted)
Keys, Janice (*) FB Email Address
Kilpela, Lisa (*) FB (Unlisted)
Kinsella, Catherine (Unlisted)
Kiss, Lori (Unlisted)
Kit, Rostyk (Missing)
Kitchen, Robert (*) FB (Unlisted)
Kitka, Kevin FB Email Address
Klaus, Jonathon (Unlisted)
Klemm, Nancy Email Address
Klimkowski, Karen (Missing)
Kline, Jim View Photo Email Address
Klos, Karen FB (Unlisted)
Koenig, Michael (*) Email Address
Kolakowski, Stacey (Unlisted)
Kolans, Jeffery (*) FB Email Address (Missing)
Koliba, Carla (Unlisted)
Komendat, Lori (*) FB Email Address
Konopka, Kenneth (*) FB (Unlisted)
Kostecki, James (Unlisted)
Kozinski, Christopher (Unlisted)
Kropa, Carol (Unlisted)
Kuchenbrod, Daniel (Unlisted)
Kuchenbrod, Daniel (Unlisted)
Kurczak, Jerome (*) (Deceased)
Kurczak, Kenneth (*) (Deceased)
Kurrie, Peter (*) FB Email Address
LaForest, John (Missing)
Lage, Monica (Unlisted)
Lage, Richard (*) Email Address
Lambrecht, Brian (*) Email Address
Lamparski, Dave (*) FB (Unlisted)
Lapastora, Gilbert (Unlisted)
Laskowski, Donna (*) (Unlisted)
Latham, Kevin (Missing)
Lavdas, Anthony (*) Email Address
Lawson, Robert (*) Email Address
Leach, Michael (*) FB View Biography & Photo Email Address
Lee, Sel (Unlisted)
Leitner, Diane (*) (Unlisted)
Lemke, Penny (Missing)
Lempinen, Steffan (Missing)
Lewinski, Ken (Deceased)
Liburdi, Steven FB (Unlisted)
Lloyd, Susan Email Address
Los, Paul (Unlisted)
Macceachern, John (Missing)
Mackiewicz, Joseph FB Email Address
Macro, Dawn (Deceased)
Maizland, Michael (Unlisted)
Makey, Douglas (Missing)
Malymeik, Mark (Missing)
Mangeno, Reni FB Email Address
Mangiapane, Russ Phone Numbers Email Address
Maniaci, Nick (Unlisted)
Marcantonio, Michael Email Address
Marciniak, Ernesti (Unlisted)
Marecki, Nancy Email Address
Marshall, Melanie (Unlisted)
Martin, Kent (Unlisted)
Martinez, Jill FB Email Address
Mathea, Susan (Missing)
Matusz, Monica FB Email Address
Matynowski, Dianne FB (Unlisted)
McCarthy, William (Unlisted)
McFarland, Timothy (Deceased)
McLatchie, Greg FB (Unlisted)
McLean, Kathleen FB Email Address
McRae, William FB (Missing)
McWilliams, Michael Email Address
Menlen, Jeffry (Missing)
Mesclier, Thomas (Unlisted)
Metcalf, Chester (Unlisted)
Metty, David (Unlisted)
Meyers, Linda (Unlisted)
Mikho, Munther (Unlisted)
Millington, Brenda (Unlisted)
Mizgalski, Robert (Unlisted)
Mizzi, Mary (Missing)
Mizzi, Steven Email Address
Molitor, Mary Email Address
Mona, Tenet (Missing)
Moncrief, Yvette FB Email Address
Monroe, Liz FB View Biography & Photo Email Address
Mooney, Maureen (Unlisted)
Moore, Wendy (Missing)
Mork, Gretchen View Biography & Photo Email Address
Moskos, Helen FB View Biography (Unlisted)
Moy, Jason FB View Biography & Photo Email Address
Musser, Jim Email Address
Nadai, Kevin FB View Photo Phone Numbers Email Address
Narlock, Roger Email Address
Navaroli, Rob Email Address
Neubacher, Jeff FB Phone Numbers Email Address
Nevison, Murray (Unlisted)
Newman, Janet FB (Unlisted)
Nezich, Deanna FB Email Address
Nieporte, Dorene (Unlisted)
Nolan, Kenneth FB Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Norcross, Tamara FB Email Address
Norkiewicz, Lynette (*) (Unlisted)
Nouhan, Carolyn (Missing)
Nowak, Donna (Unlisted)
Nowak, Richard FB Email Address
Nowicki, Debra (Unlisted)
Oconnor, David (Unlisted)
Oddo, Margaret Email Address
Okuniewski, Lisa (Unlisted)
Oldfield, Suzanne FB (*) (Unlisted)
Oleson, Michael Email Address
Ollila, Kris FB Email Address
Olson, Sharon (Sheri) Email Address
Orjada, Michael (Unlisted)
Orlowski, Edward (Unlisted)
Orzel, Michelle (Unlisted)
Osak, Donald (Unlisted)
Osinski, Dianne (Unlisted)
Ostrand, Chipper (Unlisted)
Ostrand, Chipper (Unlisted)
Papiez, James (Unlisted)
Parks, David (Unlisted)
Parsons, Kathleen FB (Unlisted)
Parsons, Todd FB (Unlisted)
Pasieka, Patrice (*) Email Address (Deceased)
Pawloske, Douglas FB Email Address
Pawlowski, James (Unlisted)
Pazdziora, Gerard (*) FB (Unlisted)
Pelek, Victoria Email Address
Penabaker, Scott (Missing)
Peplinski, Michelle (Unlisted)
Pessina, Vickie (Unlisted)
Peterson, Jeffrey (Unlisted)
Petrill, Michael (Unlisted)
Peyerk, Eugene (Unlisted)
Phillips, Dawn (Missing)
Pietryka, Kathlyn FB (Unlisted)
Pittiglio, Steven Email Address
Plachta, Jeffrey FB (Unlisted)
Pleimann, Roger (Unlisted)
Pollock, Myles (Unlisted)
Popour, Todd (Unlisted)
Pordon, Anthony (Unlisted)
Potasnik, Carol FB (Unlisted)
Power, Jeffrey FB Email Address
Pszczolkowki, Theresa Email Address
Pugliese, Daniel (Missing)
Raggio, David (Unlisted)
Rama, Linda (Missing)
Raybuck, Cynthia FB Email Address
Reynolds, Rhonda (Missing)
Risi, Sandra (Unlisted)
Ritchie, Michael (Missing)
Roberts, Cheri (*) (Unlisted)
Robertson, Robert Email Address
Rochester, Kim FB View Photo Email Address
Rodriguez, Mark (Missing)
Roediger, Matthew (Missing)
Rogers, Jackie FB Email Address
Rogers, Ken Email Address
Rogler, Cressa (Missing)
Rolando, Lisa FB (Unlisted)
Romberger, Kurt FB Email Address
Rosebrook, Kenneth (Missing)
Rudowski, Dawn (Missing)
Rumps, Laurie FB View Biography Mailing Address Email Address
Runson, Karen (Unlisted)
Rupe, James (Unlisted)
Rupe, Jennifer (*) FB Email Address
Rush, Marie FB (Unlisted)
Rutledge, William FB (Unlisted)
Rydel, Sharon (Unlisted)
Rzepecki, Deborah FB (Unlisted)
Rzepecki, Judith (Unlisted)
Sabolo, Patricia (Missing)
sakkinen, ronald (Unlisted)
Sakmar, Kristen (Missing)
Salet, Daniel (Unlisted)
Sapiano, Daniel (Unlisted)
Scafone, Steven (Unlisted)
Schmidt, Anne FB View Biography Phone Numbers Email Address
Schrader, Michael (Unlisted)
Schrum, Steven (Missing)
Schulte, Dorothy FB Email Address
Schulte, Dotty Email Address
Score, Raymond (Unlisted)
Scott, Steven (Unlisted)
Seidl, Teri (Unlisted)
Shaffer, Eugene FB (Unlisted)
Shalawylo, Kevin Email Address
Shapic, Ray (Unlisted)
Shapic, Roy (Unlisted)
Shara, Gritta (Unlisted)
Shelton, Paul (*) (Deceased)
Shevzoff, Laura Phone Numbers Email Address
Shiner, Christine (Deceased)
Shumylo, Marko (Unlisted)
Siemaszko, Mathew (Missing)
Sirois, Deborah (Missing)
Sirois, Deborah (Unlisted)
Siroky, Patricia FB View Biography Email Address
Sklaad, Jill Email Address
Skladd, John Email Address
Skorna, Thomas (Unlisted)
Skorupski, Debrah FB (Unlisted)
Smith, David (Unlisted)
Smith, Suzanne (Unlisted)
Smith, Suzanne Email Address
Smolinski, Daniel (Missing)
Solomon, Sheri FB (Unlisted)
Spano, Anthony (Unlisted)
Spranger, Paul (Unlisted)
Steeves, Michael (Unlisted)
Stefaniak, Michael (Unlisted)
Stein, Diane (*) (Unlisted)
Stepan, Edward (Unlisted)
Steven, Liburdi Email Address
Stewart, Amy FB (Unlisted)
Stoll, Steven (Unlisted)
Storto, Jackie Email Address Facebook Profile
Stotlemyer, Robin FB (Unlisted)
Strzelecki, Lisa FB Email Address
Stys, Carrie (Unlisted)
Super, Wesley (Missing)
Szajner, Mike (*) (Unlisted)
Szepietowski, Larry (Deceased)
Szewczyk, Maria (Unlisted)
Tanner, James FB Email Address
Tatar, Mariere (Missing)
Taylor, Glen (Unlisted)
Taylor, Janet FB Mailing Address Email Address
testori, eric Email Address
Thomas, Edward (Missing)
Thompson, Brian (Missing)
Tobin, Joan (Unlisted)
Tocco, Francis (Unlisted)
Tomczyk, Craig (Unlisted)
Tomeska, Julianna (Unlisted)
Train, Cherri (*) (Unlisted)
Treece, Jeffrey Email Address
Trella, Patrick Email Address
Tubb, Robin Email Address (Deceased)
Turner, Mike (Missing)
Ultramar, Neidene (Missing)
Undieme, Daniel (Unlisted)
Valdes, Manuel (Missing)
Vaughan, Patrick FB (Unlisted)
Ventincinque, Paul (Unlisted)
Vickovic, Diane (Unlisted)
Vollbrecht, Sheryl (Unlisted)
Volpe, Giovanni (Unlisted)
Vorpagel, Patricia (Missing)
Vretta, Catherine (Unlisted)
Wagner, Paula (Unlisted)
Walawender, Joann FB Email Address
Wallace, Kristi FB Email Address
Warnell, Sandra Email Address
Warnell, Sandy (Unlisted)
Warrilow, Jacki Email Address
Warzocha, Brian FB (Unlisted)
Waselenko, Suzanne (Unlisted)
Wasick, Anthony (*) FB (Unlisted)
Waterstraat, Shelley FB View Biography Mailing Address Email Address YIM Screenname
Wawrzniak, Patricia (Unlisted)
Weber, Darlene FB Email Address
Weiler, Catherine Email Address
White, Steven (Unlisted)
Wicklund, Sheila FB Email Address
Wiercinski, Janice (Unlisted)
Wilk, Laura (Missing)
Wilk, Robert (*) (Deceased)
Williams, Todd* Email Address
Winarski, Cynthia (Missing)
Winters, Gerrilyn Email Address
Witek, Chris (Unlisted)
Wojciechowski, Dan FB Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Wojciechowski, Sandra FB (Unlisted)
Wojcik, Kathleen (* 2013) (Unlisted)
Wolgast, Kevin (Unlisted)
Woloson, Michael FB Email Address
Wood, Linda Mailing Address Phone Numbers
Wood, Rosemarie (*) FB (Unlisted)
Wood, Steve Email Address
Work, Alan (Unlisted)
Wright, Janine (Missing)
Wrobel, John (*) (Unlisted)
Wulff, Julie (Unlisted)
Wurmlinger, Gerald FB View Biography & Photo Mailing Address Phone Numbers Email Address
Wyka, Terrence (Unlisted)
Ybarra, Frank Email Address
Yoshida, Karen (Missing)
Zabowski, Joy (Missing)
Zakrewski, Andrew (Unlisted)
Zdrojewski, Mary (Unlisted)
Zeitz, Kimberly (Missing)
Zielonka, Laura (Unlisted)
Zola, Robert (Unlisted)
Zuchowski, Al (Deceased)

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