Charles S. Mott Senior High School Class of 1983
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Charles S. Mott Senior High School Class of 1983 - Guestbook

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Robert Granata - 11-19-2017
It has come to my attention that Dawn Macro has passed at the beginning of this month. Does anyone know of any details?
Robert Granata - 10-26-2013
I took a moment to re-read all the entries in the guestbook dating back to its inception.  At that time, some were surprised that we had almost 2,000 hits on our website.  Currently, we have had over 134,618 hits on our website.  The website has been a tremendous tool to keep in touch and communicate to our fellow classmates.  As part of the reunion committee, I commit to maintain this site as long as possible so we can keep each other informed.  

Many of the entries could only make me smile as it has been a tremendous snap shot in time.   A few of our dear classmates that posted in the guestbook have since passed away but in essence we have memorialized  them by maintaining their comments .  

Please use the website, up date the photo galleries with your families, sign the guest book at times and also please keep your contact information up to date so we can contact you for the next reunion.

Best wishes to all. We did have a great Class.  Thanks to all.

Bob Granata
maryann jackson - 08-23-2013
I am so ready to see all of the wonderful class of 1983 love this site
Robert Granata - 09-02-2011
Mike,  It is my understanding that Jill passed due to heart failure.   I went to her memorial service and saw many old friends from high school.

Take, cre,
Michael T. Leach - 03-05-2011
Does anyone know how Jill Boslooper died ???  I look at the in memory of every few years and it reminds me of how fragile life is and how we all take it for granite at times.  Well just gad to be here, or anywhere for that matter...
Has anyone seen Matt Hanks??  I understand he is in the area lately, my brother jerry had text conversations with him on facebook.  Saw his picture and read some of his comments on facebook, still a great sense of humor and seems happy as can be, but looked a bit weathered and worn.  Great guy, loved him with all my heart when we were kids...

suzanne (oldfield) shedenhelm - 08-31-2009
I wish i would of came to the reunion and seen everyone.  I guess I'll try for the next one.  See you all there.  I hope everone makes it  mark on there calendar.  I believe that if everyone makes a point in going they will never forget this one.   Lets make the next reunion one for the books.
Todd Parsons - 06-22-2009
Hey Ya'll, Damn, wish I could have come to see everyone. Maybe the next one, I'll cruise my wheelchair right in next to yours, and check my teeth at the door. jk
I am doing great, have 3 beautiful daughters born in 1995, 2000, and 2005(do the math) Living in new boston, single, taking care of my kids and my folks. Facebook is the place to be. See you soon. Todd
Janice Keys-McIntosh - 05-13-2009
I didn't this was going on??? Sorry I missed it. I went to the 5 yr. Reunion. That was a blast. Couldn't go to the others. And when were we going ot be notified about any up coming events. I've beenon classmates for some time now. Last time I heard we had a reunion it was very expensive. My neighbor , Which is Kayfish but graduated in 1982, said the same thing. I was trying to have one on classmates, Have an online reunion. I know , Its not the same but atleast we can see how all of us look and what are we doing or not doing at the time I posted it. as you all know from classmates . I'm married and have a Daughter thats 23 and a granddaughter thats 3. Live in MAdison Heights. look me up love to talk to friends and make new friends.
                                                Janice Keys_ McIntosh
Ronald Sakkinen - 03-08-2008
If anyone hears about a 25 year reunion please let me know. Thanks.
joejamesmessina - 09-20-2007
hi and hello from joe messina
Jim Kline - 09-07-2007
Hello Everyone:
Where ever you are, what ever you are doing right now, stop for a moment and thank God for the blessings in your life. Whether they are your children, your spouse, your career, or whatever they may greatful for what you have in your life. If you visit the 'In memory of' page, it is slowly transferring from our yearbook. There are many wonderful people no longer with us now but are sharing life in another world. Life IS short and we need to cherish the good times and memories of our past, present, and future. Remember that the next time you are having one of those bad days! Make your life the best it can be! Be happy! - Jim
Lori Casmere Ulewicz - 06-09-2006
Ok....Way too weird....Aaron Adamkiewicz (sorry about the hadk job on the spelling, Aaron)...but one day a note arrived from my son's soon to be 4th grade teacher....I put the name with yours, Aaron, only to find out that my son's teacher is YOUR NIECE!!!!! I would have accepted wife or sister, but NO! As everyone said before me...great web site, I visit it often. Thanks Steve...'DUCK!'
Craig Impastato - 01-20-2006
Hello everone!!

Here I am, it's amazing what you'll find if you 'google' yourself. Please keep me posted on any 'get togethers'.
Michael Leach - 09-16-2004
  Miss you all the class of '83' especially all my old friends.
Nancy K. - I haven't seen many of my old party palls either.
Lived in Algonac for five years, now in Macomb twp. for eight.
I should have gone to the reunion, from the photos I saw on this site it looks like I missed a memorable night.  Well I won’t miss the next one that's for sure.  Why does time fly by so fast as we get older?  If any one has that answer please let me know.  By the way, who ever set up this site really did a great job.
As always - BE HAPPY, LIFE IS GOOD.  Miss you all....

Mike Leach

Jim Bruzdewicz - 10-26-2003
After visiting this web site,  I am sorry I did not attend the reunion.  Just looking at the yearbook I didn't realize how big of a class we actualy had.  I definitely won't miss the next get together.  Mr. Hough if you need help maintaining the web site let me know.  

Jim Kline. It seems like we live right around the corner from each other.  I'll give you a call soon.

Pat Trella. My dad and your dad just had their 50 class reuinon. God how time goes by.

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